Tatsuro Shirakawa

Tatsuro Shirakawa is the Director, ESG Economics Strategy, Strategic Impact Unit of EY Japan.

Tatsuro Shirakawa is a specialist in law and public policy, with extensive experience in global economic collaborations and inventive strategies. Having worked previously with Accenture and now with Ernst & Young as the Director of Strategy, Tatsuro is focused on areas like IT strategy, innovation, and international business, making him a sought-after expert in corporate circles.

A bachelor's in Political Science and Master's in Public Policy from the University of Tokyo, Tatsuro has been involved in research and proposals regarding the economic and industrial policies, such as the expansion of Japanese contribution to the global markets, startup support, innovation, and development of emergent tech, including AI, metaverse, and other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.


Tatsuro Shirakawa, born in Tokyo in 1988, is a Director at EY Strategy, known for his expertise in international economic collaborations and innovative strategies. His journey from Tokyo to the UK and back has shaped his global perspective, which he applies to create transformative strategies for the public sector.

Tatsuro spent over three years in the UK between 1996 and 1999, laying the foundation for his international outlook. He graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor's degree in Law and a Master's degree in Public Policy. He briefly studied at the University of Cambridge in 2010.

With over six years at Accenture, Tatsuro specialised in strategy and management consulting for the public sector. He crafted strategies that attracted foreign investment, fueled innovation, and facilitated Japanese companies' global expansion.

As a Director at EY Strategy, Tatsuro's fluent business-level English and strategic insights aid foreign companies entering Japan. He played a role in enhancing Tokyo's reputation as a global financial hub by supporting the emerging technologies such as AI, Fintech, Robotics, IoT, companies' establishment.
Tatsuro's research focuses on economic and industrial policies, including innovation, startup support, and the impact of financial industries on the broader economy. His involvement in constructing investment chains underscores his role as a forward thinker.

Tatsuro Shirakawa, as a Director at EY Strategy, continues to drive economic growth in Japan through cross-border collaborations and strategic insights, reflecting his multicultural experiences, academic achievements, and professional journey.


As the Director of ESG Economics Strategy at the Strategic Impact Unit of EY Japan, Tatsuro envisions a future where technology catalyses the realisation of Society 5.0, Japan's ambitious societal framework. Rooted in the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), his vision combines the transformative forces of AI, IoT, and immersive technologies to construct an interconnected metaverse woven into the fabric of smart cities. This metaverse transcends entertainment, serving as an educational, healthcare, and collaborative hub, where citizens are empowered by digital experiences.

Shirakawa's holistic approach strikes a harmonious balance between technological innovation and societal well-being. He foresees AI-driven solutions optimising resource allocation, promoting sustainability, and fostering responsive governance within these smart cities. His expertise as a fintech strategist underscores the importance of leveraging innovative financial technologies in driving economic growth and financial inclusion, all while advancing Japan and the world toward a more inclusive, interconnected, and prosperous future as envisioned in Society 5.0.

Recognition and Awards
Tatsuro Shirakawa boasts an impressive track record of achievements in the field of consulting and economic development, spanning over many years. His dedication to enhancing cross-border economic activities has been pivotal in accelerating inward foreign direct investment into Japan and attracting foreign companies to the country. Through extensive research and innovative proposals, he has played a vital role in shaping economic and industrial policies. His contributions include guiding Japanese companies in their expansion into international markets, providing support to startup ventures, and fostering an environment conducive to innovation. In recent years, Shirakawa has been instrumental in supporting numerous foreign companies as they establish their presence in Japan, particularly within the dynamic realm of Fintech. His efforts align with the vision of establishing Tokyo as a "Global Financial City." Beyond these achievements, he has also spearheaded projects focusing on the development of investment chains in Japan and conducted research on the ripple effects and external impacts of the financial industry on the broader economy. Tatsuro Shirakawa's multifaceted contributions underscore his commitment to driving economic growth, innovation, and international collaboration within the ever-evolving landscape of global finance and industry.

Tatsuro Shirakawa
Tokyo, Japan
IT and innovation strategist, global economic collaborator, law and public policy specialist, startup support, fintech expert
Known for
EY Japan ( Director, ESG Economics Strategy, Strategic Impact Unit),
Bachelor's (Political Science, University of Tokyo), Master's (Public Policy, University of Tokyo)
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Mon Feb 26 2024

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