Thor Hauberg

Thor Hauberg is the Director Venture Lab at NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordics.

Thor Hauberg is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in business development, strategy, and innovation. Currently serving as the Director of Venture Lab at NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordics, he engages with ambitious tech startups and established firms to address hard problems with emergent digital technologies. 

Thor's expertise extends to various roles, including Director of Business Development & Strategy and Principal Expert in IoT. He has contributed significantly to the intersection of strategy and technology, focusing on digital strategy, smart products, industry 4.0, and the intelligent enterprise.

In addition to his corporate roles, Thor Hauberg is an External Lecturer in innovation management at Copenhagen Business School, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and personal development. 

As a board member of Olsen & Pedersen Stål A/S, he brings his strategic insights to the industrial sector. 

An alumnus from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NYU Stern School of Business, and Copenhagen Business School, Thor achieved his BA and MSc in Business Administration and psychology. 


Commencing his professional journey as a Junior Consultant at CBS Junior Consultant in 2007, Thor quickly demonstrated his potential, leading to subsequent roles at Direktionsassistent, Sales Controller at Gertsen & Olufsen A/S, and Partner at Network4People in PS4 A/S.

In 2009, Thor Hauberg further expanded his expertise by founding SB Service & Levering / Studenterbolaget, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. Following this, he assumed the role of Co-founder and Strategic Advisor at Thoughtbeans in January 2011. His entrepreneurial ventures continued as he served as Head of Administration & Marketing at 4C Management Consulting from March 2013 to August 2014.

Thor's journey continued with significant contributions in the tech industry. He served as Director of Digital Business Strategy and Principal Expert IoT at NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordics, playing a crucial role in digital strategy, smart products, industry 4.0, and the intelligent enterprise. His extensive experience led him to take on the role of Director, Digital Business Strategy at itelligence Transformation Lab, working at the intersection of strategy and exponential technology.

In 2022, Thor Hauberg assumed the role of Director at Venture Lab, where he engaged with ambitious tech startups in the B2B space, emphasizing deep technical expertise and global scalability. Simultaneously, he became an External Lecturer in innovation management at Copenhagen Business School.

Thor's multifaceted experience and strategic acumen position him as a versatile leader, contributing to various aspects of business, strategy, and technology. His latest roles, including Director at Venture Lab and Board Member, reflect his ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and driving impactful change in the technology and business landscape.


Thor Hauberg envisions a future where innovation, technology, and strategic leadership converge to create transformative solutions for businesses and society. With a focus on fostering entrepreneurship, driving digital strategy, and embracing emerging technologies, Thor seeks to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. 

His vision encompasses a commitment to ethical, responsible, and sustainable practices, ensuring that advancements in technology contribute positively to societal well-being. Thor's strategic foresight and dedication to continuous learning position him as a catalyst for positive change, aiming to shape a future where innovation and leadership synergize for lasting impact.

Recognition and Awards
Thor authored a few publications. Craft, Reflexivity, and the Clinical Practice of Management: In this publication, Thor Hauberg explores the concept of reflexivity in the craft of management. Drawing inspiration from the clinical practice of medicine, he argues for the formalization and routinization of reflexivity in organizational processes. The paper highlights how clinical practice, characterized by systematic analysis, ongoing peer review, and routinized teaching, serves as a model for embedding reflexivity in management. Thor proposes ways to organize systematic analysis, peer review, and teaching in a management context, showcasing how leading-edge organizations have already embraced sophisticated versions of these practices. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate how adopting a clinical model in management can lead to substantive benefits, including a reduction in unnecessary interventions, improved intervention quality, enhanced organizational coordination, and a decreased reliance on managerial talent. "You think you make smart decisions - Think again!": In this publication, Thor Hauberg explores the cognitive hurdles hindering effective data-driven decision-making. He emphasizes that the key challenge lies in human cognition rather than technical aspects. Despite the abundance of data and advanced tools, Thor highlights the prevalent cognitive biases affecting decision-makers. The publication employs optical illusions to illustrate cognitive biases and applies them to business contexts. Thor introduces the concept of the "Equation of the Firm" to address these biases and advocates for a fact-based culture. He concludes with a practical example of using natural experiments to validate assumptions, providing valuable insights for decision-makers navigating the complexities of data-driven practices and cognitive pitfalls.

Thor Hauberg
Corporate venture builder, investment expert, acceleration specialist, entrepreneur
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NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordics (Director, Venture Lab)
BA, M.Sc. (Business Administration and Psycholoy, Copenhagen Business School), Internet of Things: Roadmap to a connected world (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Degree (Information And Communication Technology, Copenhagen Business Academy AU), Advanced Valuation (NYU Stern School of Business)
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Fri Feb 23 2024

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