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ztudium is a global, leading maker of 4IR technologies, Web 3.0, AI, Blockchain, and research. The company builds software, research products, and service platform solutions using new technologies. It has experience in building proprietary platforms, and software products for businesses and governments. 

ztudium is a company member of the European AI Alliance and UN Global Compact and collaborates with multiple education and business networks such as leading Universities and Business Schools. 

It was founded by serial entrepreneur Dinis Guarda, a renowned author and global influencer who has been working and advising international governments, institutions, and corporations. 

Dinis Guarda is listed in various top 100 / 10% / 1% Most Influential People in Fintech / Blockchain / Social media / Insurtech / AI. 

The team consists of global doers with a track record of working with leading companies, governments, and brands.

The company has its headquarters in London, UK, and has representation and offices in Lisbon (Portugal), Hanoi (Vietnam), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and New Delhi (India).


Early years: ztudium

Dinis Guarda founded ztudium Limited in 2011, a group focused on building software, research products, and service solutions using blockchain, AI, and digital transformation DNA for businesses and governments.


The global open business platform, openbusinesscouncil.org was created in 2013. This is a vertical under Ztudium Limited that serves as a global business directory, resource, marketplace, and digital and blockchain AI certification for businesses, organisations, and professionals. 

openbusinesscouncil is now a global digital certification directory and marketplace working with business networks, governments, tech ecosystems, leading universities, and organisations.

openbusinesscouncil allows its users to grow their own businesses, find trusted clients and partners, digitally transform their companies and finance international trade. With its digital transformation platform, SMEs can improve their productivity, lower operational costs, access business intelligence services, and generate economies of scale and of scope.

It provides a business and trade directory, digital identity certification, and a marketplace for more than 400 million businesses and SMEs around the world. Its directory, resources, and marketplace help businesses connect with each other to enhance their respective digital transformations and improve their outreach.

The platform has global collaborations and partnerships with University of Oxford, The EU AI Alliance, Department for International Trade, Etrade Alliance, United Nations Global Impact, Billion Strong, PHD Chamber of Commerce of India, USAID, Technology and Management Centre for Development, to name a few.

The platform has a significant digital footprint, having access to global audience, including more than 10 million views on YouTube Podcast

The platform was spun out into a separate company Open Business Platform Limited (Company number 12420445) in January 2020 in the UK. 


The Founders of Ztudium Group also created citiesabc, a platform to empower cities and their stakeholders with sustainable bridges and corridors between physical and virtual realms. To this day, the platform offers a wiki database of all cities and regions, the latest indexes, like the ESG Global Index, digital twins of landmarks and regions, metaverse integrated marketplace, and digital profiles of personalities and key individuals. 

In 2022, Citiesabc introduced its latest feature, smartcitiesabc, a digital transformation platform to guide and index cities and create the best policies and technologies for smart cities. It creates new solutions and empowers smart(er) cities 360. The platform launched its “Blueprint For Smart Cities A Social Contract”, a research report by Prof Kiran Fernandes with Atunu Chaudari and Ashish Kakar produced by the University of Durham and citiesabc.com indexdna in collaboration with openbusinesscouncil.org in March of 2022. 

The citiesabc platform was spun out into a separate company Techabc Limited (Company number 12552774) in April 2020 in the UK.


fashionabc: Launched in 2019, fashionabc is a social impact blockchain fashion directory platform that focuses on solving the biggest challenges of the $3 trillion industry of fashion (representing 2 % of the world’s Gross Domestic Product). The platform introduces the 4IR - Fourth Industrial revolution in fashion through: Creating inclusive digital transformation tools for fashion professionals and businesses. Building a digital profile and IP solutions for fashion businesses. Tackling issues such as provenance and counterfeiting in the supply chain. Building a meritocratic fashion inclusive certified circular economic system.

Meta Directory marketplace for fashion textile businesses SMEs  fashionabc offers a global meta Web3 AR VR wiki directory marketplace for businesses worldwide. 

fashionabc highlights a powerful collection of business ecosystem segments fashionabc provides a wide range of services and solutions to support the lagging issues challenging most global business, SMEs and start-ups.

fashionabc is a Leading Global Digital Fashion Business created by a team of global thought and business leaders with more than 20 years experience of working with governments, business networks, tech ecosystems and universities. Fashionabc offers a retail metaverse submission, digital blockchain AI certificate for businesses and professionals.

fashionabc lists and connects businesses seeking to have better profile and augment their outreach. The platform can connect them with other companies, professionals, services and solutions from companies that have experience and qualifications in specific industries.

Corporate Digital Identity, Registration, Licences to operate and standards.

The platform was spun out into the company Fashiondna Limited in 2022 owned by ztudium Limited in the UK.


In 2013, ztudium introduced a network of technology-based solutions: FinTech solution blocksdna, iDNA a SAAS platform to create indexation of ID, financial services, marketplaces on DLT with AI, the media and publishing division, and lifestyle and healthcare platform as a service software lifesdna.

Blocksdna indexdna is a single solution for all types of social and enterprise data. It is a strong NoSQL Data Lake engine that allows organisations and their customers to get the most out of digital transformation projects.

iDNA can be described as a blockchain-based mobile app and a white-label technology that brings together P2P Messaging, support for crypto and FIAT wallet, payments, digital ID, a reward engine and a marketplace.

Its main purpose is to facilitate simple and fast communication between companies and their clients, making them as smooth and hassle-free as they can be. To do so, it features a state-of-art back-end platform with the latest AI technology.

Its aim is to “help businesses and organisations to connect with their users where they are.” Its integrated technology allows for users to interact with each other directly through messaging amidst being able to send/receive money from their customized wallets. As a special feature, blocksdna’s wallet will allow users to pay using both fiat and cryptocurrency securely. An open marketplace is already integrated within the app, taking mobile e-commerce to new standards.

The blockchain platform on which iDNA is based on plays an important role in the app. Blockchain is well known lately for its safety and decentralized characteristics. Companies can benefit greatly from this as the back-end technology is ready to use while its front-end can easily be modified depending on their needs.

Media publishing divisions

The digital media and publishing division was further segregated into a network of specialisations:

intelligenthq: It is a digital innovation business network that provides intelligence, and education for professionals, businesses, startups and universities. The platform offers business insights, tech, 4IR, digital transformation and growth, executive education, and change through social media for businesses - both startups and corporations.

Hedgethink: It is a digital meeting place for fund managers and investors all over the world. Its focus is firmly on thought leadership, technology, and where the industry is headed, encouraging transparency, and fostering dialogue between hedge funds and accredited investors. HedgeThink is a primary destination for financial innovation, fintech, alternative investors, ESG and hedge funds.

Tradersdna: A leading digital and social media platform for traders and investors, tradersdna offers premiere resources for trading and investing education, digital resources for personal finance, market analysis, and free trading guides.

Metaverseabc and MStudios

Metaverseabc offers cutting-edge marketplace NFTs & Metaverse, minted on the top global marketplaces using smart contracts. It empowers citizens, organizations, businesses and cities by providing a platform for new and advanced digital solutions for artists, producers (music, film, and writers), designers, entrepreneurs, collectors, gamers, athletes, and personalities.

The metaverseabc platform provides them with an NFT & Metaverse, “out of the box” digital certification (identity and authenticity) to support:

  • Creators, artists, designers, gamers, cities, and institutions
  • Music artists and labels
  • Films creatives and production independent filmmakers
  • Sports, wellbeing/wellness teachers, coaches professionals
  • Business, property, digital assets certifications, and collectives
  • Crowdfund solutions
  • Payment solutions (Fiat and Crypto).

The key to the metaverseabc's distinctiveness is that it is primarily focuses on cities and their entrepreneurial citizens and creative residents, rather than just being another speculative trading platform.

Integrating emerging and transforming digital technology, ztudium Limited announced its meta-city augmented reality virtual marketplace Metaverse, FreedomX, in 2022. 

The Group also announced its cutting-edge Digital Twins, AR, VR, Mixed Reality tech solutions: Metaverse Studios and Metaverseabc in 2022. Metaverseabc provides AR, VR, and visual metaverse programming interfaces for architecture and iconic buildings, with the capacity to scan and reproduce the exteriors and interiors of cities, and districts. It also offers 3D solutions for fashion and retail brands and proprietary-tailored avatar solutions.

Metaverse Studios offers a building block of metaverse programming technology with hyper-realistic avatars' facial expressions.

Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series - Powered by citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil

Dinis Guarda Youtube Podcast Series - Powered by citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil is a fast-growing, thought leadership channel focused on profiling leading global CEOs, authors, technologists, academics. Dinis Guarda is author of books such as "4IR: AI, Blockchain, Fintech Reinventing a Nation" “How Businesses and Governments can Prosper with Fintech, Blockchain and AI?”, “Blockchain AI Crypto Economics”. He has been listed in the global fintech, blockchain, AI, and social media industry top influencer rankings: Top People In Blockchain by Cointelegraph 2019, The Artificial Intelligence Power 100. 


ztudium is focused on building a platform that caters to a 360-degree digital transformation of businesses and processes to ensure their stability and strengthening. The company offers unique and scalable open API solutions, legacy systems, and cybersecurity measures.  

With its focus on sustainable and carbon-neutral practices, ztudium aims to make a significant social impact, aligning itself with the principles of Society 5.0.

Leveraged by expertise in emergent technologies and fast-growing networks of influencers, technologists, artists, governments, academicians, innovators, entrepreneurs, organisations, and individual members, ztudium is building a thriving community that works collectively for the betterment of humankind.

“We believe in creating a virtual world that is disability-friendly, ESG-focused, and offers a support system to those unable to leave their home or affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Accessibility and sustainability is the goal. We aim to achieve our targets by using open API legacy systems, building up our cybersecurity capabilities, fintech, Blockchain, and big data - all working in tandem to provide a secure, easy-to-use, seamless platform”. - Dinis Guarda, ztudium, Founder.


Ztudium envisions achieving the following:

  • To ensure digital transformation with technologies like AI, blockchain, DLT PaaS for SMEs and businesses
  • To become the digital Tech accelerator for SMEs with global partners 
  • To create a network of global Wiki, marketing, and PR push for SMEs and businesses
  • To establish SMEs businesses, global corporate digital ID systems, data analytics certification using the latest and emerging technology solutions
  • To provide digital certifications with blockchain and NFTs for SMEs and businesses, leaders, and organisations worldwide
  • To offer ESG solutions for global carbon neutral and sustainability networks for SMEs and businesses
  • To build an inclusive ecosystem and trade corridors for businesses, SMEs, and their global audience.

Key Team

Dinis Guarda (Founder Chairman CEO)

Hilton Supra (Co-Founder Vice Chairman)

Sonesh Sira (VP Strategy Research, Partner Board)

Gonçalo Pereira (CTO)

An Nguyen (VP Business Operations)

Fidan Aliyeva (VP Strategy Operations)

Maria Fonseca (VP Research)

Hernaldo Turrillo (VP Media and Publishing)

Peyman Khosravani Farahani (VP Digital)

Ricardo Tomaz (Finance Manager)

Recognition and Awards
Ztudium's digital footprint through its digital channels like openbusinesscouncil, hedgethink, citiesabc, intelligenthq, fashionabc, and tradersdna includes: 2.1+ million unique visitors to its websites and digital platforms segmented into its interested audience. About 2.5+ million monthly page views from over 120 countries, mostly Europe and North America. Over 3.5 million direct social media ecosystem reach, including platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Discord. Over 10 million broader social media ecosystem network reach through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, and many more. Over 10.2 million views on YouTube channels including Dinis Guarda YouTube Channel Over 200 episodes of Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast series released so far and continuing. Creating over 50 million impressions network per month. The company has partnered or worked together with Edinburgh, SILAB (Social Innovation Lab, Universidade of Lisbon - Tecnico), MasterCard, USAid, eTrade Alliance, Palladium, University Durham, University Surrey, University of Edinburgh, Magna Carta Island, Innovation Department, TMCD (University of Oxford). It also has collaborations with governments including Malaysia MDEC, Government of Pakistan, and Government of Bangladesh (Startup Bangladesh). Collaborations with global private companies and organisations include: Roundglass (USA), Concordium, IDEAX Group, Prabhatam Group, Everland, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Golden Harvest, The AETL (Textile and business conglomerate Bangladesh), WSAFE (Selena Le), Vietnam Enterprise Media (Huong Nguyen), Koble (UK Guy Conway), Bizlen (Vietnam Barney Boken), and One4city (William Wu).

Products and Services

The group offers:

Platform tech Wiki: Directories and search engines tool using Web 3.0 metaverse, AI and transformative technology. Under this category, ztudium offers: openbusinesscouncil (launched in 2019), citiesabc (beta stage launched in 2019), and fashionabc (since 2019). 

Industry 4.0 AI blockchain SaaS and PaaS: Using AI and blockchain technology, the group offers IP development products. These include: iDNA technology, citiesabc, indexdna, blocksdna, Blockimpact, influencedna, lifesdna, and indexdna.

Publishing, Media, and Research: This is the research and development unit of the ecosystem that supports the business. Since 2013, it has been contributing and increasing the footprint of ztudium group through: intelligenthq, tradersdna, and hedgethink.com. These sites and social presence have a direct reach of over 4 million users and a network of over 50 million users. 

Consultancy and Research: This vertical of ztudium group caters to premium media, social media, PR, and brand building. This includes R&D, building strategies for governments, create tech cities and smart cities, building profiles for CEOs, reputation management, and data analytics.

Metaverse and Web 3.0 solutions: ztudium is building VR and MR solutions for cities, businesses, governments, and individuals based on emerging technologies like blockchain, spatial computing, AI, data analytics, digital twin, and many more. 

Leadership team


Products/ Services
Wiki platform business portal, data blockchain certification NFTs, marketplace trade fintech edtech govtech hub empowerment, Internet Publishing, Web Consultancy, SEO, social media, Technology, Mobile, Consultancy, Finance, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Innovation, and Metaverse studios
Number of Employees
0 - 50
85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, England, W1W 7LT
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Private company limited by shares or Ltd
Company Registration
2M - 5M
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