Thinkers360 recognises ztudium, the parent company of,, intelligentHQ, among others, in ‘50 Thought Leading Companies On Artificial Intelligence 2024". Featuring amongst the brands and institutions like International Institute of Scientific Research, PwC, Solarix, TCS, Tigon Advisory, and Volvo, ztudium emerges as the global maker of industry 4IR technologies and research, the company builds software, research products, and service solutions using blockchain, AI and digital transformation DNA.

The 2024 index launched by Thinkers360 recognises companies that have excelled in sharing their thought leadership on AI through the Thinkers360 platform. These organisations have demonstrated an undying commitment to advance the existing AI knowledge and facilitate innovation in the unchartered territory for the benefit of humanity. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamentally transforming how businesses operate and achieve growth across various industries worldwide. In 2024, approximately 500 million people utilised AI tools daily. 

Forbes reported that the global AI market was valued at $136.55 billion in 2022. This figure surged to approximately $207.9 billion in 2023, according to NextMSC. Looking ahead, Similarweb projects that the global AI market will reach $407 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.2% from 2022. Precedence Research forecasts that the U.S. AI market will grow to around $594 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 19% from 2023.

The question now is, who is driving the current AI advancements? Frontrunners like the International Institute of Scientific Research, PwC, Solarix, TCS, Tigon Advisory, Volvo, and ztudium are making significant strides, innovating and presenting breakthrough AI solutions that ultimately create value for overall humanity.

ztudium has always been at the forefront of leveraging emerging technologies to drive transformative solutions for businesses. Specialising in AI, blockchain, digital twins, and the metaverse, ztudium empowers businesses with innovative tools to achieve groundbreaking results.

Speaking about the accomplishment, Founder and CEO, Dinis Guarda says:

Thinking and rethinking AI is more important than ever! The responsibility is heavy as we are getting into AGI mode very soon. Regardless of all the reasons, we have among us the new evolutionary iteration of humanity; and it will amplify the best and worst of us. 

I am working hardcore to make sure we can use AI to augment our wisdom and the capacity to create a better humanistic utopia. I am proud to be listed in the: 50 Thought Leading Companies on Artificial Intelligence 2024.”

The Top Thought Leading Companies On Artificial Intelligence At A Glance

The research at the International Institute of Scientific Research focuses on developing sophisticated AI algorithms that enhance scientific discovery and accelerate data analysis in various disciplines, including healthcare, environmental science, and materials engineering. PwC has been implementing a range of AI-driven solutions to optimise business processes and enhance decision-making capabilities. Its AI-based financial analytics tools provide deeper insights into market trends and risk management, as well as intelligent automation systems that streamline operations and reduce costs. 

Solarix focuses on projects that optimise solar energy production and improve grid management. Their AI-powered solutions include predictive maintenance systems that enhance the efficiency and lifespan of solar panels, and smart grid technologies that balance supply and demand more effectively. The advanced analytics platforms by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) provide actionable insights from big data, and intelligent automation tools that streamline business processes. TCS is also pioneering the use of AI in healthcare, developing diagnostic tools that improve patient outcomes and support personalised treatment plans. 

Volvo’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) improves road safety through real-time data analysis and predictive modelling. Volvo is also integrating AI in its manufacturing and design to develop autonomous vehicles that offer superior safety and efficiency. 

ztudium offers AI-driven LLM integrated with Web 3, 3D verified with Blockchain platforms that focus on Business, education, finance, and digital transformation. Their main product  AI.DNA AI-powered patent-pending ranking tool allows AI LLMs integrated with semantic ML to index businesses, chambers of commerce, organisations, professionals and other global institutions based on the learning model metrics, indexes and integrating data visualisation. 

Ztudium group is building utility driven platforms that combine multiple 4IR technologies to provide AI intelligent insights and analysis. The platforms created by ztudium group are  . Coupled with immersive technologies that shape the future of Web 3.0, spatial computing, 3D, and AR/VR/MR, the company is also offering technology powered solutions.

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About ztudium

ztudium Group is a UK-based global maker of leading proprietary intellectual property and technologies that integrate industry 4IR Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. Ztudium technology products, platforms, media and services integrate fintech, Web 3.0, AI, Metaverse, Blockchain, open data APIs and research for cutting-edge innovation technology.

ztudium was created in August 2011 by its Founder, Dinis Guarda, the major shareholder. For the last three years, starting in 2022 and including 2024, has recognised ztudium as one of the top 50 companies in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.

ztudium is a standalone entity, member of the European AI Alliance and the UN Global Compact. Its collaborations extend to multiple governments and their organisations, as well as leading universities and business schools.

About Dinis Guarda

Dinis Guarda is an award-winning and an impactful doer and  thought leader known for his multifaceted contributions across various domains. As an author, writer, YouTuber, and podcaster, Dinis has established himself as a prominent voice in the digital world.

His influence extends to academia as a guest lecturer and a digital influencer with a substantial following of over 1 million people and a broader reach of over 17 million through the media platforms he created. 

Dinis has created various companies such as ztudium tech platform, a digital and blockchain startup that created the software Blockimpact (sold to Glance Technologies Inc), and founder of global digital platform business directory and marketplace; digital transformation platform to empower, guide and index cities and fashion technology platform,  as well as innovative projects like Metaverseabc,, and AvatarsDNA, which focus on blockchain, metaverse, and AI technologies.

He is also the publisher of and

With decades of experience in international business, Dinis Guarda has held executive positions in digital transformation, demonstrating expertise in new technologies, cryptocurrencies, regulation, compliance, and international legal processes. He has been working with the likes of UN / UNITAR, UNESCO, European Space Agency, Davos WEF, Philips, Saxo Bank, MastercardBarclays, and governments all over the world.

He has been instrumental in creating a bank, driving new ICOs, and contributing to the inception of some of the top 100 digital currencies. Dinis has also shared his knowledge as a guest lecturer at institutions like Copenhagen Business School and Group INSEEC/Monaco University, where he coordinates executive Masters and MBA programs.