If you run a business that is classed as essential during the UK national lockdown period, you’re probably experiencing a little bit of a boom in business right now. With non-essential stores closed down, shoppers have a smaller range of options when it comes to getting what they need. Your store will be able to remain open even if you have a range of non-essential products for sale, which could increase your customer base over the lockdown. Staying compliant with government guidelines and keeping your staff and customers safe as we get through this second wave of the pandemic has never been more important. 

Invest in More Hand Sanitising Stations

More customers to your store mean more supplies to keep everybody safe. Installing more hand sanitising stations is always better than not having enough. If you’re running out of hand sanitiser a lot, adding some more will ensure that everybody is able to keep their hands clean and reduce the risk of spreading the pandemic. You can place a hand sanitiser station at the entrance to your store and make sure that every customer uses it before they enter. Discount Displays offers a range of hand sanitiser stations that are ideal for any type of shop. You can find automatic hand sanitising stations at

Discount Displays

; a great idea for reducing touch and contact. 

Social Distancing Signs

While most of the pubic are trying to

stick to social distancing guidelines

, it can often be difficult to try and visualise what two metres looks like when you’re in a shop. To help customers stay apart and stay safe, you might want to consider investing in some social distancing signs that can be placed on the floor to show customers where to stand, especially when queuing. Floor stickers that act as a guideline for customers who are waiting in line at the checkout or are placed around displays to guide customers whilst they shop can help everybody uphold social distancing easily. 

Contactless Payments

Cash is already a major germ spreader so, in a pandemic, it’s no surprise that

people are avoiding using it

. The good news is that cash is already being wound down in most of society and it’s hard to find a business today that doesn’t accept credit and debit cards. Many businesses are currently not accepting payments of cash right now in order to reduce the spread of the pandemic by minimising the touching of coins and notes and the physical contact between people. It’s up to you whether you want to only accept card and contactless payments right now, or whether you’ll accept cash but only when a customer does not have any other way to pay. 

Make More Time for Cleaning

With many people looking for work right now as a result of the pandemic, it might be a good time to consider employing more cleaning staff for your store. During these times, it has never been more important for shops, in particular, to keep everything as clean as possible, and deep cleaning has now become something that should be done every day for everybody’s safety. Hiring a dedicated cleaner means that you can get on with serving your customers knowing that you’ve got an employee who’s dedicated to keeping everybody safe. 

Running an essentials shop during the lockdown means taking safety measures very seriously and doing everything that you can to keep your staff and customers safe.

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