Phillippe Krakowsky

Chief Executive Officer of IPG

Philippe Krakowsky, CEO of Interpublic Group (IPG) since January 2021, has been a key figure in the company for almost two decades. Formerly IPG's Chief Operating Officer, he oversaw independent companies within the group and chaired IPG Mediabrands. As CEO of Mediabrands, he strengthened the unit's digital and data-driven marketing leadership. Philippe has held roles including Chief Strategy and Talent Officer, playing a crucial role in IPG's strategic development. His notable achievements include orchestrating the $2.3 billion acquisition of Acxiom in 2018. Before IPG, he made significant contributions to Young & Rubicam and BBDO, with a career starting in advertising at Levine Huntley Schmidt and Beaver. Philippe, with an A.B. from Harvard, began in the technology industry and holds prominent board positions, including the Partnership for New York City and The Paley Center for Media. He is Vice Chair of the Unstereotype Alliance and a recognized figure in the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement.


Philippe Krakowsky assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of Interpublic Group (IPG) on January 1, 2021, and is also a member of the company's Board of Directors. With a nearly two-decade tenure at IPG, he held various significant roles before becoming CEO. Prior to his current position, Philippe served as IPG's Chief Operating Officer, overseeing business operations across the organization and directly managing several independent companies under IPG. During this time, he was also the Chairman of IPG Mediabrands.

Before his role as COO, Philippe served as the CEO of Mediabrands, a unit overseeing marketing investment for iconic brands worldwide. He played a key role in strengthening the group's position in digital and data-driven marketing. Philippe has also held the roles of Chief Strategy and Talent Officer at IPG, overseeing crucial functions related to strategy, talent management, communications, and business development.

In 2018, Philippe played a pivotal role in IPG's $2.3 billion acquisition of Acxiom, a renowned data and solutions company known for its extensive consumer data assets and leadership in data privacy and ethics. Since joining IPG in 2002, Philippe has led strategic initiatives, including embedding digital capabilities across the portfolio and creating significant entities like Mediabrands and IPG’s Healthcare Council.

Before his tenure at IPG, Philippe led the differentiation of Young & Rubicam and played a crucial role in positioning BBDO as one of the premier global creative networks. His career began in advertising at Levine Huntley Schmidt and Beaver, a notable New York-based creative boutique agency. Philippe holds an A.B. from Harvard University and began his business career in the technology industry, contributing to the development and sale of an artificial intelligence software company to Apple Computer in the late 1980s. He is involved in several board positions, including the Partnership for New York City and The Paley Center for Media, and serves as Vice Chair of the Unstereotype Alliance convened by UN Women. Philippe is recognized in the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement.


Philippe envisions a future where IPG stands at the forefront of global diversity and inclusivity. His leadership focuses on systematically embedding these values throughout the organization to foster lasting cultural change. Philippe's commitment extends beyond rhetoric, aiming for tangible and sustainable results. By prioritizing diversity and inclusivity, he seeks to create not just a successful but also socially responsible and inclusive work environment, positioning IPG as a leader in the advertising and marketing industry and a catalyst for positive organizational change.

Phillippe Krakowsky
Chief Executive Officer of IPG
Harvard University
Social Media
Fri Mar 01 2024

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