Timothy Draper

Timothy Draper is an American venture capital investor, and Founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper University, Draper Venture Network, Draper Associates and Draper Goren Holm.

Timothy Draper, widely known as Tim Draper, is an American venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), a renowned venture capital firm that has made significant contributions to the tech industry. Born in 1958, Draper comes from a family with a strong entrepreneurial background. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Draper's career took off with the establishment of Draper Associates, a seed-stage venture capital firm. However, it was the founding of DFJ in 1985, alongside John H. Fisher and Steve Jurvetson, that brought him widespread recognition. DFJ gained prominence for its early investments in groundbreaking companies like Hotmail, Skype, Tesla, Baidu, and SpaceX.

Known for his ability to identify promising startups, Draper's investment philosophy revolves around disruptive technologies that have the potential to reshape industries. He has a reputation for taking risks and has a forward-thinking mindset. In addition to DFJ, Draper founded Draper University, an entrepreneurship program, and has been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Draper's contributions to the tech and venture capital landscape have earned him accolades, including multiple appearances on Forbes' Midas List of Top Tech Investors. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events, sharing his insights and experiences. Draper is also actively involved in philanthropy, particularly in the areas of education and entrepreneurship.

Tim Draper's entrepreneurial spirit, visionary mindset, and belief in the power of technology have made him a leading figure in venture capital. Through his investments, mentorship, and advocacy, he has had a significant impact on the technology industry and continues to shape its future.


Timothy Cook Draper, commonly known as Tim Draper, is an American venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He is best recognized as the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), a prominent venture capital firm that has played a significant role in shaping the tech industry. Tim Draper has made a name for himself as an influential figure in the world of venture capital, known for his early investments in successful startups and his bold predictions about the future of technology.

Tim Draper was born on June 11, 1958, in California, United States. He comes from a family with a rich entrepreneurial background. His father, William Henry Draper Jr., was a successful venture capitalist, and his grandfather, General William H. Draper Jr., was a prominent banker and founder of Draper, Gaither & Anderson, one of the first venture capital firms in the United States.

After completing his education, Tim Draper obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1980. He later received his Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from the Harvard Business School in 1984. Armed with a solid academic foundation and a passion for entrepreneurship, Draper set out to make his mark in the business world.

In 1985, Tim Draper co-founded Draper Associates, a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology companies. However, it was his establishment of Draper Fisher Jurvetson in 1985, along with John H. Fisher and Steve Jurvetson, that truly propelled him into the spotlight. DFJ quickly gained recognition for its investments in several groundbreaking technology companies, including Hotmail, Skype, Tesla, Baidu, SpaceX, and many others.

As a venture capitalist, Tim Draper has demonstrated a unique ability to identify promising startups and provide them with the necessary support to flourish. His investment philosophy revolves around backing disruptive and transformative technologies that have the potential to reshape industries. Draper's investments have often been characterized by his forward-thinking mindset and willingness to take risks on groundbreaking ideas.

In addition to his role at DFJ, Tim Draper has been involved in various other ventures. He founded Draper University, an entrepreneurship program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to launch their own ventures. Draper has also been an active advocate for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, having invested in Bitcoin during its early stages. He has been an outspoken supporter of digital currencies and has even made predictions about the future value of Bitcoin.

Tim Draper's contributions to the technology and venture capital landscape have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous accolades and recognition for his work, including being listed on Forbes' Midas List of Top Tech Investors multiple times. Draper's influence extends beyond his investments, as he frequently appears as a keynote speaker at conferences and events, sharing his insights and experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim Draper is also actively involved in philanthropy. He supports various charitable organizations and causes, with a particular emphasis on education and entrepreneurship. He has been a staunch advocate for educational reform and has made substantial contributions to educational initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and creativity among young people.

Tim Draper's entrepreneurial spirit, visionary mindset, and unwavering belief in the power of technology have made him a leading figure in the world of venture capital. Through his investments, mentorship, and advocacy, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the technology landscape and continues to leave a lasting impact on the industry.


Timothy Draper has been an advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship throughout his career as a venture capitalist. He has a vision of a world where cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Bitcoin can be harnessed to revolutionize industries like finance, healthcare, and government. His investments are focused on companies that are using these technologies to create a better future for people around the world.

Draper is also a proponent of political innovation, and he has written extensively about the need for policymakers to embrace new technologies and ways of thinking. He believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can help to break down the status quo and create a more dynamic and responsive political system.

Through his work as an investor, author, and thought leader, Timothy Draper is committed to driving progress and creating a better world for future generations.

Recognition and Awards
Tim first made headlines as a student for creating the popular board game "Stanford - The Game" alongside Heidi Roizen, a student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business at the time. In 2014, Tim made national headlines once again when he won the US Marshall’s auction, bidding on 30,000 bitcoins. This event brought the relatively unknown digital currency to the forefront of the media, and Tim was hailed as one of the early pioneers of Bitcoin. This successful purchase was only one of many significant investments that Tim has made throughout his career. Over the years, Tim has received numerous awards and honors for his achievements in the world of entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. These accolades include being named the "Entrepreneur of the World" by the World Entrepreneurship Forum and being ranked as one of the top 100 most powerful people in finance by Worth Magazine. He has also been highly ranked on several notable lists, including being named one of the top 20 most influential people in Crypto by Crypto Weekly, the #1 most networked venture capitalist by AlwaysOn, #7 on the Forbes Midas List, and #48 most influential Harvard Alum.
























Timothy Draper
CA, United States
Venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur
Known for
Founder of Draper Associates, DFJ, and the Draper Venture Network, a global network of venture capital funds
Top 100 Most Powerful People in Finance (Worth Magazine), Top 20 Most Influential People in Crypto (Crypto Weekly), #1 Most Networked Venture Capitalist (AlwaysOn), #7 (Forbes Midas List), #48 (Most Influential Harvard Alum)
BS (Electrical Engineering, Stanford University), MBA (Harvard Business School), honorary doctorates (The International University, Trinity College of Dublin)
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